Which is a Better Table Fan or Cooler?

Table Fan or Cooler

A table fan is an electric device that has been a part of households in yesteryears. They were used to complement the ceiling fan to ensure that the air circulation is optimum and several persons in a living space receive cool air that would make them feel comfortable even in hot weather. The table fans were also preferred as they are portable and can be shifted from one place to another, unlike the ceiling fan.

However, newer and modern cooling solutions like air coolers and air conditioners are known not only for circulating the air but also cool the air that passes through them. This has reduced the demand for table fans. Nevertheless, table fan in india  remains a popular choice because it costs less and consumes less power as well when compared to an air cooler or an AC.

Table Fan or Cooler

Table fan and its features

Table fans are devices that operate by pushing the air produced by the rotation of the blades outward. Table fans are made of various materials like plastic, metals, and stainless steel. The pricing of the fan varies depending on the material from which it is made. The table fans also have evolved with time, and you now have table fans that sport a trendy design. They are also endowed with features like adjustable height, wider oscillation angle,180-degree rotate feature, multiple speeds, etc. They can be placed on the floor, table, counter-top, or desks. In keeping with times, you now have table fans that have remote controls. You can then operate the fan in terms of adjusting speed, turning the direction of rotation etc. by the click of a button.

Air cooler and its features

Air cooler like a fan produces cool air and improves the circulation of air within a space. However, it differs from a table fan in that it is endowed with features that make it work as a dehumidifier too. That is, it acts as a heat exchanger and converts the hot air that enters the unit into cooler air owing to the exchange of heat between the cooling medium in the unit and the air. The process is referred to as dehumidification, and this air is then forced over aluminium fins by a fan. The quality of air that is circulated would be great, and it would be cooler than the air passed from ceiling or table fans as well.

However, the cost of buying an air cooler is very high. Though an air cooler uses 80% less energy than an air conditioner, when compared to the table fan, it consumes at least 30% more energy than what they do. However, the cooler is slightly heavy but is portable like the table fans.

The verdict

Having discussed at length, the features of the table fans and air coolers, when it comes to determining the best, air cooler scores high owing to its cooling abilities. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly option that is cost-effective in the long run too, the table fan would be an ideal choice. It is a matter of personal preference and requirements.

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