What Size Computer Monitor Should I Get?


As those Televisions available on the market, computer monitors are also available in different screen sizes. However, the size does not go as big as televisions.

What is the purpose of different sizes of computer monitors? As a beginner, this would be the first question that you might ask. To be frank, the basic purpose is customer satisfaction. Apart from customer satisfaction, based on the work, monitor size varies, yes; while for a general-purpose, standard size monitor is the best. But, when it comes to professionals and gamers, they require a different size monitor based on their work. If you are a beginner, then you must know that the screen size alone does not matter, but the combination of the screen size and appropriate resolution does the magic.


Here is everything you need to know about selecting the best computer monitor size.

How the screen is measured –

While most people assume that the screen size of a monitor is measured from one side to the other, it is wrong. The screen size that a manufacturer or brand declares is the diagonal distance, which is measured from corner to corner of the screen.

Here is everything you need to know about each screen size –

Under 20-inch monitors – a monitor with a screen size of 20-inches or below is cheaper and is considered as budget monitors. The maximum resolution offered by such monitors could range up to 1080p. Monitors that come at a size of 20-inches or below or best for office purposes.

21-inch to 24-inch monitors – Monitors with a screen size between 21 and 24-inch is most commonly used all around the world. Most of them could offer a 1080p resolution and a high-end model could offer up to 4K resolution. A monitor of screen size between this range could be the best for professionals who need dual-monitor setup. Apart from such users, a 24-inch is best for home use as they offer a good quality image. Best for browsing, YouTube, and media players.

25-inch to 29-inch monitors – A monitor with a screen size between this range commonly tend to offer a QHD resolution, which makes it most suitable for creative professionals. Yes, 25 to 29-inch monitors are commonly best for graphic designers and they offer more color accuracy, high refresh rate, and low response time. These monitors are compatible with hardware calibrators like Datacolor Spyder, X-rite, and Display Pro.

29-inch to 34-inch monitors – A 34-inch monitor is the largest computer monitor that you could get today. 29 to 34-inch monitors are the least used as they are huge and expensive. They commonly offer very high resolution, color accuracy, high refresh rate, and low response time. Most commonly, they are used in the medical field as they offer up to 1billion + color accuracy, where the user needs a maximum clear and precise image.

When it comes to gaming monitors, the user could select any size, but the resolution, response time, refresh rate, should be appropriate. Apart from this, a curved monitor would be the best suitable.

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