What is the Step Ladder? Its uses and benefits?

Step Ladders

A step ladder is one of the most commonly used types of ladders today, there are several reasons for such a trend. However, let us begin with the explanation of what exactly a step ladder is and how it is different from other types of ladders.

A step ladder is simply a ladder that is self-supporting and portable. The height of this ladder cannot be adjusted under any circumstance, however, they come with flat steps and the overall ladder has a hinged design, which makes it easy to store. Unlike other types of ladders, a step ladder would look like two ladders are joined together.

Step Ladders

There are step ladders available in different heights/sizes. Most commonly, the ones with a height shorter than 4-feet are considered as step stools. The height of a step ladder could range between 4-feet to 20-feet. One of the disadvantages of a step ladder is that they have four legs and this makes them want more space for mounting. If the space available for mounting the ladder is limited, then this ladder cannot be used.

Uses and benefits of a step ladder –

A step ladder is commonly preferred over regular ladders and extension ladder as they could be used in exceptional ways, unlike other ladders. Here are the reasons why.

  1. A step ladder is self-supporting; therefore, the risk of accidents is comparatively low, which makes it comparatively better for indoor use. A user could use a step ladder to reach the top shelves, shade, etc. without extra help.
  2. Step ladders commonly come with rung/steps with comparatively more grip, which gives an extra level of safety to the user.
  3. A step ladder could offer a wider working area which makes it comparatively better than other ladders, the user does not have to get down the ladder and reposition it after each use.
  4. The size of the platform on a step ladder allows the user to turn around and more space for the foot, which reduces the foot fatigue. While most of the regular ladders and extension ladders come with a smaller step or rung, a step ladder is different, they have a wider step and also a wide platform.
  5. The angle of inclination of the ladder is perfect, this feature allows the user to climb the ladder with ease and stand on the ladder a long time without much stress.
  6. While most of the other types of ladders demand the user to balance themselves to use it efficiently, a step ladder does not require such a balancing. They are self-supporting and as they have four legs with anti-skid padding, they are comparatively more stable.
  7. A step ladder is commonly lightweight and therefore, a single user could mount it with ease.

Now, you understand why a step ladder is considered to be better than other ladders and why more people consider purchasing it. However, remember, if you are planning a step ladder in a limited space, it might be a bad idea. A step ladder needs more space than other ladders.

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