Wall mount fan Vs. Ceiling fan: Which one is better?

ceiling fan

When you are stuck between the choice of ceiling and wall fans, it is crucial that you get the right quality of fan which can be purchased for your home or office. There are mainly two kinds of fans which are chosen for home and office. Either you can get the ceiling fan or you can buy wall mounted fans. If it is too confusing for you to get one of these fans, then you can check the details of both fans. This will reduce your confusion up to some extent.

Ceiling fans

  • The ceiling fans are perfect for homes with an average-sized ceilings. If you have an extremely high ceiling, then ceiling fans won’t be able to displace air properly.
  • It is a cheaper option to keep your room cool. A large amount of air can be thrown with the help of a ceiling fan and it can prevent people from perspiring. It can immediately cool your body due to evaporation caused by the excessive air.
  • These fans can spread more air to all corners of the room because these fans are installed in the center of the room. The air is passed through every area of the room in a decent manner. The motor of these fans is stronger as compared to wall-mount fans. If you want to get a fan for your hall or bedroom, then ceiling fans will be a better option. In the case of offices, wall fans are a better option.

Wall fans

  • The wall fans are different from the ceiling fans because it comes with an enclosed structure like a cage. The blades of this fan aren’t exposed outside like ceiling fans.
  • The blades are inside the cage which prevents any injury. These fans can be mounted on the walls and these fans can oscillate to and fro so that air from one corner can be passed to another corner of the room. Even if you have an air conditioner in your office, having wall fans can make the environment more comfortable.
  • You can also place these fans on the ground as per your needs. The controls of these fans are quite easy to use. The speed of the fan can be changed as per the requirement of the user.
  • The range of the motion can also be controlled as per your need. These fans are lesser efficient as compared to the ceiling fans, but if you are using traditional fans, and then wall fans would be a better options.


Now that you have come across the difference between both these fans, you can purchase the fan which meets your requirement. These days, people prefer wall fans as compared to ceiling fans because the former is more useful and affordable.

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