Significant Advantages of Using Spin Mops 

spin mop

Mopping is a very strenuous task, especially because you need to clean nooks and crannies and also wring the mop continuously into the bucket as you go about your task. The advent of spin mop has made the task of mopping very simple. Spin mop, as the name suggests, has a spinning head which causes the wet mop to expel water and dirt by spinning in the bucket, thereby eliminating the need to use your hands to wrung it dry, unlike traditional mops. The spinning head also makes the process of mopping very swift and efficient. Spinning mops are either equipped with a foot pedal or a lever on the handle to activate the spinning mechanism.

There are a number of benefits associated with spinning mops. Some of them have been listed here.

spin mop

Efficient cleaning 

The efficiency of spin mops is much more as compared to conventional mops. The spinning mechanism removes the dirty water from the mop into the bucket, which ensures that dirt from the previous cleaning does not stick to the floor during subsequent mopping. There is no need to handle the dirt and cleaning solution by hands which makes it very convenient for the users.


Spin mops are made of microfibers and other high-quality materials which do not cause damage to the floors. Thus, spin mops can be used for cleaning all kinds of floors such as hardwood, tiled, laminate, textured, etc. Spin mops can also be used on carpeted areas either as a dry mop to remove wet stains or damp mop.

Detachable head 

The spin mops come equipped with detachable heads. The head clips on to the handle and can be removed for cleaning. Most spin mops come with additional mop heads to replace damaged or filthy heads.

Swivel movement 

The 180 degrees or 360 degrees swivel movement of the spin mop provides thorough cleaning without leaving dust and dirt behind on the floor. The swivel movement also ensures proper cleaning of the mop because dirt is appropriately removed by the centrifugal force generated by the swivel movement.

Saves water 

Cleaning using a spin mop consumes much less water as compared to using a conventional mop. This is because you can control the amount of water you need for cleaning. The swivel mechanism can be used to get a dry mop, damp mop or wet mop as per your needs. The drainage spout on the bucket, which comes with a spin mop eliminates the need to overturn the whole bucket to get rid of dirty water.


Spin mops do not require frequent cleaning, unlike traditional mops, because the microfibers do not get dirty easily and the self-cleaning swivel mechanism is enough. However, they need to be washed once in a while. Most brands of spin mops can be easily washed in washing machines using gentle washing cycles. Spin mops which are not machine washable can be manually washed using bleach or detergent solution.


There are certain features which you must look for when purchasing a spin mop. These include size, build of the handle, durability, type of fibre and other features such as wheels on the bucket, splash guard, liquid dispenser and drain plug.

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