Should We Buy a Laser Printer for Home Use?

Laser Printers

When you hear the word laser printers, you might think that it is a machine for the business world. But for a residential setting, you might think it is too much. The truth is that laser printers are becoming popular for home use in recent years.

Below are some primary reasons why you should invest in a laser printer for your home.

Laser Printers

Toner lasts longer

As you know, inkjet printers use ink, whereas toner is for laser printers. The toner has a powder mixture which contains plastics that melts when heated. This binds to the paper when you print.

The ink cartridges dry soon and have rigid expiration dates. But toner can last for many years because it contains only plastic dust. This obviously cannot dry out like the ink. That is why good laser printers are the best option for individuals who print less.

Another great thing about the toner is that you get a huge amount of mileage out of a single cartridge. For an ink cartridge, about 300 pages you can print. But with a toner cartridge, even a few thousand pages you can print with it. Now, this is a big deal.

Cheap operational costs

The first thing people think about laser printers is that they are expensive. But in terms of cost, they are on par or even less than the inkjet printers.

Yes, the initial cost is high if you compare it with the inkjet type. But in the long run, it is a steal deal because it will last for years. And if you consider the cost per page, toner cartridges gives the best value.

For example, an average ink cartridge of $45 can give you 190 pages which are $0.24 per page. On the other hand, a toner that costs $54 will give you 2,600 pages which amount to $0.02. The price of toner might seem a little pricey, but it gives you more than what you pay for. Also, you don’t need to replace these cartridges often.

Fast printing

You may not be keenly interested in the printing speed, but it can help you when you need the most. Now, this is where the laser printers excel. A general inkjet model can print 8 pages per minute, but the laser printer is capable of printing even 32 pages per minute.

Understandably, the laser printer is 4 times faster than a regular inkjet printer.

The bottom line

Unless you regularly need beautiful colour images, a laser printer is the best choice for you. If you rarely print, you can either order it online or go to a local print shop. But for a regular or occasional printer, a laser printer is a must-have. Ink cartridges dry up quickly and can cost you more. With a single toner cartridge, you can print for years without replacement. So, a single investment comes with years of benefit. That is why laser printers are best for home use!

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