Reza Irani Kermani (Black Pearl Capital) – Biography Details

Reza Irani

Reza Irani-Kermani was born in Tehran and further studied at a French School, Lycée Razi until 1980. He went along with his high school studies at Complexe Scolaire de Valbonne, Sophia Antipolis, Valbonne in France where he earned his International Baccalaureate. He then went on to travel to Birmingham in the United Kingdom, where he got along with his studies in Production Engineering and Commerce at the University of Birmingham. In 1989, after securing his degree in Engineering, he started his first job as a clerk at the Management Investment and Trade Ltd “MIT” in London. MIT comes as an affiliate of MKS Finance SA, based Geneva, which is a 24-hour bullion and foreign Exchange trading house. Reza Irani then entered into the trading business in 1990 and earned his promotion as the General Manager in 1991. It was right then under his management; MIT earned the reputation of being one of the largest trading entities in foreign exchange across the globe, coming with a daily turnover of $11 Billion.

Reza Irani

By the year 1993, MIT’s vision located China as their future target and keeping the size of its bullion business, MIT established well in the Asian region. MKS then sold their business shares to Po Sang Bank – a sister Bank of Bank of China. That was the time when Reza Irani was in charge of the London office but it was just a matter of time when he realized that MIT is not going to achieve the same rate of growth as he expected earlier. Po Sang Bank then sold their shares at a considerable profit to Preussag AG’s London affiliate, Amalgamated Metals Corporation “AMC” in 1994.

Reza Irani was leading the bullion and foreign exchange trading department until 1997 as AMC kept him within the organization under a contractual obligation for at least 3 years. It was later in the year 1997, when Reza Irani-Kermani became a part of the Abela Corporation as a board member of its wide spectrum of companies, including Sogeres SA. The Abela Corporation comes over with strength of 40,000 employees with their business outreach to around 44 countries. Their main focus areas came as catering, life support services, a chain of supermarkets in the Middle East, investments such as Gold mines in Africa, Salmon Farm in Scotland and Hotels in London, Nice, Cannes and Monaco. Reza stayed associated with Abela Corporation till its owner (Mr. Albert Abela) passed away.

Reza Irani then founded Symphony Partners along with his friend, Abbas Jafarian. Apart from its strong trading portfolios, Symphony was also dealing in real estate asset management for a large MENA Fund. After achieving some great success with symphony, both of them started Black Pearl Capital “BPC” in 2007, which comes as an investment Company, managing Real Estate deals in Eastern and Western Europe.

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