Reasons why you should wait for iPhone 14

iphone 14

Right iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 has been all the fuss for Apple lovers. But if haven’t heard, the 2022 iPhone model is more promising than these 2 models. One of the main things about the iPhone 14 is that it has upgrades that both of these models don’t have. If you are thinking of iPhone 13, then you need to read this article. Yes, below are some of the reasons why you should wait for the iPhone 14 to launch in 2022.


As you know, many of Android’s top models have higher refresh rates with 120 Hz. Right now, iPhone 12 models have only a 60 Hz display. Apple didn’t want to do this because of the negative effect it has on battery life. But with a 120 Hz display, you can faster and smoother animations. Since the display is LTPO, it will support adaptive image frequency without extra components.

Always on function

This is a feature that is present on Android phones and even in the Apple Watch series. Here, the feature shows the notifications even if the display is turned off. Hence, you don’t have to unlock your phone every time to know the time or notifications.

Touch ID will be present

The truth is, from the introduction of the iPhone X, every iPhone only has a Face ID feature. This means that face recognition is the only biometric authentication available for a long time. Unlocking the phone with a fingerprint, i.e. Touch ID was not present. But now, iPhone 14 will finally have this feature.

Camera improvements

You can expect a huge upgrade in the field of cameras for iPhone 14. The front camera will finally get the autofocus feature. And the rear will finally get 48 MP camera sensors. Of course, the picture present will have only a 12 MP resolution. Also, you can find changes in the aperture for more light to fall on the sensor.

Wireless charging system

As you know, iPhone uses Lighting for charging. But with the introduction of MagSafe for iPhone 12, wireless charging has become the main deal. Right now, Apple plans to remove ports from the design itself and make the MagSafe system the main thing for iPhone 14.

Removal of notch

From its introduction, the notch has received much hatred. And that’s why Apple decided to remove it from the upcoming iPhone 14. Of course, they will have to plan and design were to keep the sensors that were present in the notch.

Only till September 2022

Usually, Apple releases their devices in September. So, you can expect to see the iPhone 14 release in September 2022. Due to Apple’s work commitment, you can expect this even though there is a pandemic and everything goes well.

The bottom line

Some things are worth waiting for. And iPhone 14 has proved to be one of them. Because of these amazing features that come with the highly anticipated phone, let’s watch out for further developments.

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