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Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Shipping

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani, a multi talented and core experienced into his field, is currently working with an worldwide famous Shipping Industry Company and has established a permanent success path for the company and its associates. In his early age only, he had built up a Motoring Club to track days and other corporate events which has eventually converted into a successful business. He is an active member at the Royal Automobile Club in London and founded his own Porsche GT Club in 2014 in Dubai.

His education and Achievements

Hasan Lakhani was born into a reputed family on 29th August, 1991. He completed his early education from Mill Hill School in 2008 and college with A level from David Lang and Dick College in 2010 with the subjects of Business, ICT, Geography and History.  Since his very young age he has been keenly interested in sports, and kept participating and eventually he had sharpened his playing skills in tennis.

Although,  It’s like he learnt tennis by birth but his hard work and passion towards sports gave him a new fame & place around. With his polished skills of playing tennis, he started assisting managers and even after getting selected as the team captain, he helped managers to select players and organize practices. Thereafter he took admission into BA Global Financial Management at Regents University London and secured his degree with 2:1. Hasan Lakhani represented tournaments and played well.

His Self made Career and Experience into Various Companies

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Shipping

Even after having a strong  business background, Mr. Hasan decided to make his own path with his own efforts and he left no stone unturned that’s the reason he is associated with a worldwide Shipping Company and heading the company responsibilities with great vibes & results.

Before this, he had completed his internship in a world leading provider of integrated shipping services, at Dry Cargo Chartering + Offshore operations. Mr. Hasan remarkably fulfilled his responsibilities of Monitoring market trends, and finding special offshore vessels,

Prior his internship, Muhammad Hasan Lakhani worked in Al-Salam Insurance Group, Dubai  as a Sales Assistant and Insurance Advisor in 2010, where he learnt developing, building and maintaining ongoing relationships with clients along with renewing or amending existing policies. He polished his experience with different levels & fields and always had been a support of a company.

While talking about his initiative after his education, Mr Hasan Lakhani started his journey with an e-commerce based business trading mainly in electronic goods and based in London, named Gadget Crazy. He joined in 2009 and learnt and explored his experience of managing e-commerce background and learnt controlling stocks and deliveries.

These are not only achievements, Muhammad Hasan Lakhani have accomplished even though with his interest in Motorsports, he has developed an Motoring Club during his college in at Regents University London. He is also an active member at the Queens Club in London.

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