Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai – Professional in the Shipping Recycling Industry

Muhammad Ali Lakhani Shipping

Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai, who was honored to represent the UAE National Team, is now an eminent professional in the Shipping Recycling Industry. Simultaneously, he has developed his interest in unmanned aerial vehicles and is very dedicated to delivering such service across the UAE’s ports.

Born in Dubai, Muhammad Ali Lakhani has been a good achiever and a quick learner. Spending his early days between Dubai, UK, and the USA, he took part in various sports and especially made the command ofMuhammad Ali Lakhani Shipping tennis. Eventually, he became a good tennis player who started guiding his seniors in his very young age. Muhammad Tahir Lakhani, the father of Ali Lakhani, noticed the charm of an upcoming tennis player in Ali and supported him to join the rigorous training and practice.

Although, studying with his training was not enough but he managed everything excellently and nourished his tennis skills perfectly. After some time of his training, Mr. Ali Lakhani was selected for the UAE National Team. Presenting the National Team was such an honor which made him feel to consider his skill to the next level and thereafter he joined Saddlebrook Tennis Academy in Florida in the USA. But due to an accident, he couldn’t continue his training in the USA so he went back to the UK and decided to make achievements in business.

Before starting anything, Ali Lakhani Shipping decided to continue his study further so he took admission in Maritime Business & Law and completed his bachelor’s degree from there. After that, he stayed in the UK and worked with various MultiNational Companies. After a span of time of his experience working with all MNCs, he went back to Dubai and started working with a globally recognized Shipping Recycling company. Being in the Management, Mr. Ali Lakhani Dubai focuses on all the major responsibilities.

Gradually, Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai started working to develop another hobby for unmanned aerial vehicles. He wants to deliver cutting edge drone solutions across the UAE’s ports with a wide range of services like aerial environmental & security surveillance and drone delivery services which will be an additional service. Simultaneously he has received a certification of an RYA level 2 captain’s licence and is well known for his professionalism is very dedicated towards his vision to serve Dubai.

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