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Ali Lakhani

Just within a span few years, Muhammad Ali Lakhani has made a name for himself as one of the most sought after lawyer in Dubai. Ali Lakhani, Dubai based lawyer operates from his firm that names Muhammad Ali Lakhani and Associates. He has now entered the list of elite panels of lawyers in Dubai offering various legal advices and services to clients.

Ali Lakhani, in his early years as lawyer worked for a law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After gaining years of experience, he moved to Dubai to pursue his dreams of lawyering. Lakhani has now experience of 10 years in this field.

Ali Lakhani

Career of Muhammad Ali Lakhani:

Since his early childhood, Ali Lakhani wanted to become a successful lawyer and always dreamt of becoming one. After completing his early education from school and college, he enrolled in National Law College, Dhaka to pursue law. After completing his education, Lakhani enrolled as a lawyer in the Dhaka bar and started his practice as a lawyer.

Being passionate about his profession, Lakhani always looked towards his seniors and mentors in order to learn and explore the legal profession and its various aspects. Ali Lakhani practices as lawyer in the field of business, commercial law, criminal writs, car dealing disputes, fraud claims, and property disputes.

Personal Background of Ali Lakhani:

Muhammad Ali Lakhani was born in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. He spent his early years up to his initial legal career in Dhaka. Since his early year as child, Lakhani dreamt of becoming a lawyer and always aspired to be an arguing counsel.

Lakhani would read various legal books related to criminal law and constitutional law of Bangladesh and was always interested in civics as subject in his school education. Lakhani also used to watch legal documentaries and films related to law and crime.

Lakhani’s father was a bank clerk in Dhaka who encouraged Lakhani to pursue his dreams. Lakhani got support of his mother as well. After finishing his school, Lakhani joined as a student in National Law College of Dhaka where he studied law.

Later on, he joined as lawyer in a law firm and before that he interned as a law student in a law firm. From there on he went ahead in his career and never looked back.

Apart from his legal career, Lakhani also loves to play football or soccer as a sport and is a regular viewer of soccer matches. His favorite team is Real Madrid and his favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

For him, Ronaldo is the person from who he learns about discipline, hard work, dedication and being fit. Lakhani, being a professional believes in hard work but at the same time finds out enough time to spend with his family. Lakhani also loves to spend time reading books on law, history and society.

Date of Birth: 10th of May, 1980.

Height and Weight: Mr. Lakhani weights at 70kg and his height is 6 ft. 1 inch.

Marital Status: Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani is married to Ms. Sheena Lakhani and has two lovely children from the wedlock.

Net Worth and Source of Income: Mr. Ali Lakhani’s net worth is unknown. His source of income majorly comes from his law practice through his legal firm Ali Lakhani and Associates. Apart from this, he has invested in shares and mutual funds that are his other source of income.

Mr. Ali Lakhani fund has increased due to his growing legal practice. Mr. Ali Lakhani fraud related cases whether in commercial business or criminal cases has given him reputation as a reputed lawyer. Ali Lakhani shipping related cases are also very regular that deals with transportation through sea routes involving cargo and international law.

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