Latest Range of Ceiling Fans by LG


LG is a consumer electronics giant from South Korea. The company forayed into the ceiling fan market in the year 2019. The ceiling fans by LG are characterised by biomechanically designed blades which provide high airflow without making noise. Apart from remote controls, LG ceiling fans with IoT platform LG SmartThin Q for mobile phone control are also available in the market. Furthermore, LG also offers Alexa and Google Assistant compliant ceiling fans. Other features include mosquito away technology, sleep mode and LED display.

The various features of a lg ceiling fan have been discussed here.

Biomechanical Design

The biomechanical design of the blades is LG patented Humpback Whale Protrusion design. The fins of a humpback whale inspire this design. The Humpback Whale Protrusion design ensures efficient distribution of air in the room at very low decibels. Altogether, the biomechanical design provides good cooling without making much noise. The sound generated by the fans in operation is kept below 49 decibels.

Dual-Wing and Uni-Body construction imparts a sleek look and makes cleaning very easy.

High-Quality Wind

The efficient distribution and mixing of air ensure that the quality of the wind generated by the fan is good. The low and steady intensity of wind ensures that there are no strong gusts of wind to hit the face and blow away things. As per the company, the fans reduce turbulence by 22%.

Highly Efficient Motor

The 40 pole inverter motor is highly efficient and works noiselessly. The motor is also highly durable. Premium PCB is doubly insulated to protect against shocks and fire hazard. Overall, the motor is a blend of high safety standards and good efficiency.

Mosquito Away and Sleep Mode

Mosquito Away technology drives away mosquitos from the room by generating ultrasonic waves. This is a unique technology not found in fans of other brands. Sleep Mode automatically adjusts the speed of the fan to provide optimal comfort during sleep.

Smart Control

Apart from the remote control, LG fans can also be controlled using LG ThinQ mobile app from anywhere. All the user needs is an internet connection to control the fan using a mobile phone or tablet. The fans come equipped with Wi-Fi. The mobile app is used to control the fan speed, switch on/off the LED display and select functions such as mosquito away and sleep mode.

The ceiling fan can also integrate with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

Model Specifications

FC48GSPA1 has a blade sweep of 1200 mm. The air flow generated by this fan is 220 CMM and the top speed is 250 RPM. The power consumed by the inverter motor is 30 W. This model is available in pink colour.

FC48GSBB0 has a blade sweep of 1200mm. Power consumed by the motor is 26.3 W. Air flow rate provided by the fan is 200 CMM. Maximum speed of the fan is 230 RPM. This model comes in brown and silver colours.

Prices The prices range between 14,000 and 17,000. Warranty is offered for 2 years.

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