Is Onion Oil Good For Hair?

Onion Hair Oil

When we think of onions, we peculiarly think about the super tasty dishes that we can make from it. Apart from garnishing and satisfying your tummy, onion has several more uses. Have you heard of one of the most popular hair care oil, which is profoundly trending these days? Yes, we are talking about none other than the onion oil. Commonly, people use hair oils like coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil. These oils also have a fair nourishing strength. But, what if you can get a mixture of all these oils along with onion extracts in it? Wouldnt it be more beneficial? Now, you know the reason behind various popular onion oils these days.

The next question that strikes your mind would be- how is an onion oil effective to my hair? Is it or is it not? To solve all these queries, let us have a more broader knowledge about the onion oil

Onion Hair Oil

What are the advantages of using onion oil?

Onion oil has a lot of advantages to offer you, more than what you think. Let us first discuss the pros of using good onion oil and why you should use it. In the second point, we will discuss the cons of onion oil-

  • Prevents graying of hair- Premature graying of hair is prevented by the regular use of onion oil. All the credits go to its brilliant sulfur content.
  • Makes hair smooth and silky- The blend of various oils in the onion oil infuses your hair with nutrition. The almond, castor, jojoba, and coconut oil helps to make your hair conditioned.
  • Frizz-free hair- The frizz comes due to excessive dryness of the scalp. When the scalp receives proper blood circulation due to massage, it will make your hair nourished.
  • Less hair fall problems- The hair fall problems primarily occur due to the dull and damaged hair. The hair fall is minimized by using the onion oil regularly.
  • Adds shine to hair- People often use conditioner after the shampoo to make hair glossy and smooth. However, the onion oil can make your hair more shiny and carefree than ever.

What are the cons of using onion oil?

Usually, it does not have any cons if your scalp is not allergic or you use it in the required amount. Let us look at some common side effects-

  • The smell stays- The onion oil has a very strong and pungent smell. If you do not shampoo properly or leave it for more time, your scalp will retain this irritating smell.
  • Dry scalp- Leaving the oil for more than 32 hours, especially if you have used it in excess amount can make your scalp dry and more prone to dandruff.
  • Cold/flu- People who have low immunity can also catch flu because the onion oil contains cooling property too.
  • Itch/ burning sensation- You will usually experience a cool/burn sensation on application of onion oil. However, if it is unbearable, look for the signs of allergy.

Overall, we will suggest that you must try onion oil. But, make sure to do a patch test before applying it on the scalp. That was all about it. Thanks for reading.

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