Interesting History Of Washing Machines


Washing clothes started when ancient men invented the usage of clothes. Clothes are one of the essential elements in our daily life and survival. So, there is no doubt that cleaning clothes have always been a priority. The washing machine is a revolutionary invention of science that takes up almost half of a load of washing clothes. We can know from the pages of history that the washing machine was first invented in the last quarter of the 1850s. Through the passage of time and the immense advancement of technology, washing machines developed day by day.

Previous washing procedure:-

Humans are washing clothes since the usage of clothes started in the ancient ages. There were several kinds and processes to wash clothes before the invention of washing machines. People used to pound clothes over the rocks while washing clothes in the water of the river or pond was another method. The Roman people invented a crude soap that was made of the ash and fat of animals.

Later on, people started using wooden washboards for better washing of clothes. Metal washboards came afterward for better cleaning in 1833.

Advancement of the washing process and invention of washing machines:-

The first washing machine was introduced in France in the 1800 century. It was better known as the ventilator. It was an actually barrel-shaped metal drum with many holes. People used to put clothes inside it, then set it over the fire, and after that, they used to turn over the drum with hands according to the need to wash clothes.

George T Sampson, in the year 1892, invented a clothes dryer, and he got the patent for his machine.

The United States introduced the first electric washing machine to the world during the First World War.

Again, the United States stepped forward with the new technology and invented the first top load washing machine. This is an advanced version of previous washing machines that can determine the exact load size and could match the exact wash cycle according to need.

Electrical washer:-

Thor was the first commercial electrical washer in the early 19th century. Alva J. Fisher invented this excellent electrical washer and Harley Machine Company did the marketing of this incredible machine.

After this, F.L Maytag entered the market of washing machines, and soon it became another giant in the market of washing machines business.

The world-famous brand Whirlpool made the debut in the market of washing machines in 1911. Whirlpool has brought several innovative features in the washing machines, along with the progress in technology.

This is the whole story about the washing machines. The history of the washing machine is quite interesting and engaging. The smart technologies that we have in modern automatic washing machines have not invented in a short period. The inventors are improvising these changes in the washing machines for years and decades. Washing machine technology has crossed a long way towards the improvement to serve humanity in a better way.

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