How to Make Use of Refrigerators Effectively


To keep your fridge operating efficiently on energy and maintain the food inside good and not spoilt, it ought to operate nice and cool.

Below are listed some ways and tips to maintain your refrigerator running effectively:

Seal it up

The most simple method to maintain the efficiency of the energy utilized by your fridge is to ensure that its doors are well sealed. If the doors are faulty or not closed properly, there is a leakage of cool air, and in turn, the freezer or fridge contents are not sustained at the right temperatures. It is just like not opening the oven door while baking cookies.

Frequent cleaning

Maintain the refrigerator off the wall, get grime and dirt off the coils which are generally behind the grill and at the bottom portion, vacuum/dust the coils visible, and vacuum the appliance space to keep it clean. This will minimize thermal dissipation.

Appropriate Defrosting

Partial or manual defrosting has to be carried on regularly. The buildup of ice wastes a lot of energy. This is because a compressor operates longer for sustaining temperature. Adjust to a warm setting on the thermostat post defrosting. This will save energy.

Keep it off the wall to a few inches

Maintaining a couple of inches off the wall provides air circulation behind the fridge. This will result in heat dispersion, which is created by the refrigerator.

Fill the contents

To maintain your fridge, the fridge contents should also be sufficient enough to keep it functioning at its optimum. Keeping the refrigerator almost full will minimize the leakage spaces. One can put in water bottles and fill in the empty spaces and keep your refrigerator operating efficiently.


Ensure that the fridge contents are organized within the fridge space. This will ensure food not getting spoilt and also keeping the fridge open for long while searching the food within the fridge. This will save energy and your electricity bill.

Cool contents to be kept in the fridge beforehand

If you have cooked a large amount of food or you have assembled pre-prepared meals or no-cook type of meals for the remaining week, then it is recommended not to keep hot contents within the fridge. Let it cool prior to placing them within the fridge. The hot food placed within the fridge, the cooling has to be done by the appliance with a lot more energy than usual. The energy and cooling also have to be regulated to other contents present within. It is essential to remember that the food contents should not enter the temperatures of 40°F – 140°F, considered as “the danger zone.” It is therefore advised not to leave the contents of food for over 2 hours at room temperature. If it is a hot day, then only 1 hour is recommended.

Make use of drawers that are built-in or containers

Items that are free-floating within the fridge space releases moisture, and it gets harder for the refrigerator for air regulation. Make use of containers that are airtight to keep leftovers. Store the purchased produce appropriately in built-in drawers.

All the above tips and methods ensure cool, sustained temperature and energy-efficient operation of the refrigerator.

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