How to find the best kitchen chimney in India

kitchen chimney

To keep the kitchen clean and smoke-free, the chimney has become mandatory in today’s kitchen appliances. Along with its capabilities, they enhance the elegance of the kitchen. So, if you have decided to get the best kitchen chimney out there for you, you have made the right decision.

The right decision is not always easy to make. That’s why this article will be your guide to help you make an informed choice.

Factors you first need to consider

Below are some factors that you need to give some consideration before you invest in a kitchen chimney.

Duct type Kitchen chimneys have 2 main types – ducting and ductless.

Ducting chimney – also called extracting chimneys. It sucks the air from the kitchen, passes through many filters, and then released outside. Though it is highly efficient, this type generates a lot of noise.

Ductless chimney – works by a motor and fan. The air gets cleaned by passing through filters which absorbs the smoke and particles. Here, the clean air gets released into the kitchen itself.

Filter type

You can say that the filter is the main thing in the kitchen chimney, which helps to purify the air by the filtration process. Depending on the material and its build, there are 3 types – Mesh Filter, Baffle Filter, and Charcoal (Carbon) Filter.


Most people overlook this feature when they choose a kitchen chimney. But this greatly enhances the efficiency of the chimney according to your kitchen. There are several types available in the market, like a pyramid, box type, curved glass, angular, and straight line. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. So, you should do your research before you invest in a particular type.


The best way to select the right size is to go for the exact or bigger size than the stove. This facilitates the machine to suck the smoke efficiently. Remember, the size of the chimney should never be smaller than the stove’s size.

Auto Clean

There is a function of auto clean incorporated in certain models of chimneys to save your time and energy. Here, the chimneys collect the oil molecules separately into a specific container. This is easy to remove, clean, and put back without making you do much work.


You know that if a device has a motor to function, obviously it will give out the noise. This is an important aspect you need to check if you are sensitive to noises. Otherwise, this can be irritating and make you leave the kitchen itself.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you want the life of the kitchen chimney to last long, then proper cleaning and maintenance is a must. Since the chimney removes heavy dirt from the kitchen, it requires constant and regular cleaning. If this seems too much, then go for the one that has detachable filters and auto-clean function.


Having a properly ventilated kitchen is no longer a hard task. With the best kitchen chimney in India, make your cooking process a breeze.

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