How to Choose the Right Baby Blanket for Your Baby

baby blanket

A soft and plush blanket for the baby is one of those things which lasts for a long time and can be used for different purposes. The baby will spend a lot of time sleeping for the first few months of their life. So, it is important to choose the right baby blanket for their security and comfort.

Each baby is unique but there are some common things to consider when you choose the right blanket for the baby. This article will help you with that.

baby blanket

1. Fabric

A wide variety of fabrics are available for baby blankets. To pick the right material, you need to assess what benefits you want. Generally, the skin of the baby is fragile and sensitive. That’s why the material should be gentle and breathable.

Some of the common blanket materials are:

  • Cotton

Cotton blankets are soft and hypoallergenic. Due to their breathability, they are great for summer.

  • Wool

For extra insulation for the baby during night or in the winter season, this material can provide plenty of warmth. But this is quite heavy.

  • Polyester

This material is long-lasting and affordable. It can withstand washing and drying, with no damage to its colour or shape. But it cannot provide warmth and softness like other materials.

  • Fleece

Some babies are allergic to wool but need softness and warmth from the blanket. Fleece is a good alternative for them. Though it made with synthetic materials, it possesses the same qualities as that of wool. Fleece is also lightweight.


Another important thing you should consider is the safety of the baby blankets. Blankets with ribbons, loose tassels, or fringes should be a big no for the baby. They can cause suffocation which is not the case with older babies.


You need a baby blanket with the correct size to keep the baby warm. But don’t go for a very large size which can overwhelm the baby. A good blanket should be versatile in use. Also, it can be a floor mat, for bedding, or even for decorating the baby’s nursery.

Sleeping bag

The best blankets for babies can be more than just blankets. They come in the form of a sleeping bag. They are good for newborns and little older infants. This type of sleeping bag can remove your concern about loose blankets present in the crib. They also make sure that the baby doesn’t throw off the blanket when sleeping, often waking them up.

This can easily slip over the pyjama of the baby and comes with a zipper to change diapers. For easy cleaning, they are machine washable with ultra-breathable material to avoid overheating.

The bottom line

For the early development of the baby, studies prove that baby blankets play a crucial role. So, no matter what type you choose for your little one, it will grow along with them. Research and assess what material and type are more suited for the baby to find the right one.

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