How to Choose a Good Mosquito Net?

Mosquito Net for bed

A lot of choices are available in the marketplace when it comes to mosquito nets. Every one of these mosquito nets happens to be efficient.

However, one should consider certain factors before purchasing the mosquito net.

Mosquito Net for bed


The most typical materials used for mosquito netting are cotton and polyester. The nets comprised of polyester happen to be light in weight and are long-lasting when compared to the nets made of cotton. These nets are likewise resistant to weather and washable, unlike cotton nets.


Opt for the net that has adequate space to cover the entire bed. The suggested size of the net holes happens to be 1.2mm x 1.2mm. A pyramid shape mosquito net is recommended for individual use. But, if you require space, then it is better to opt for rectangular nets.

Ensure that you buy a good mosquito net that is bigger than your bed. Measure the size of your bed, including thickness and margins. Mosquito nets that are small in size are likely to leave some gaps due to which insects can enter. Also, it is uncomfortable to sleep when you choose compact-sized mosquito nets.


Colour doesn’t play a major role when it comes to purchasing the mosquito net. Also, there aren’t that many choices regarding the colour of mosquito nets. The majority of mosquito nets happen to be white in colour because you don’t have to draw the insect in your direction even when it cannot enter through the net.


Depending on the taste of the individual and the space available, it is possible to decide on the style of the net that suits well. The nets have the capability to hang it up, and this can be achieved from one pint or various other points. For instance, wedge-style can be hanged from a couple of points to a sleeping spot. Whereas, the box style can be hanged from different points to a sleeping position.


To avoid the smallest insects, make sure that you opt for a tightly woven mosquito net that is approximately 250-300 holes per square inch—the finer the mesh fabric, the greater the protection.


There are many possibilities where you have the fabric tearing in mosquito nets, which will reduce safety and help the insects to enter in. Therefore, durability is a key factor when it comes to mosquito nets.

Opt for the mosquito net that is from a popular manufacturer and has good ratings. Go through the instructions manual regarding how to store mosquito nets in order to avoid tearing the net.

Ease of Use

The time required to set up the mosquito net should also be taken into consideration. Pop up mosquito nets are easiest to use because they are versatile and don’t require any additional support system. It takes just a few minutes to set them up, thereby making them the simplest option among other mosquito nets out there.


Mosquito nets are preferred over coils and sprays that are employed to drive away mosquitoes. These nets don’t harm your health, unlike other anti-mosquito creams and sprays. This is the main reason why mosquito nets are highly recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The mosquito nets prevents not only mosquitoes, but also small bugs and insects that are creeping around your bed and room as well.

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