How to change light bulbs in high places


It might sound funny to say that there’s an article on how to change light bulbs since it’s an easy task. But more is involved if the light bulb is located on a high vaulted ceiling, and certain homes have ceilings that are 16 feet high.

Now, let’s look into the tools that are needed for this simple task. To keep the hands from shock, a pair of rubber gloves is needed for safety. Certain tools like extension poles can be a great help.

The following article will discuss the steps and safety precautions for changing light bulbs placed in high places.

Steps to change a light bulb in a high ceiling

The first thing to do is to buy a light bulb changing pole that can be purchased in a home improvement store or online. These long poles are a great help to change the light bulbs, and the extenders present in it are capable of giving a long reach.

Next, the suction cup must be fixated to the dent, and the string should also be attached to the suction cup’s side. This is done to remove the bulb from the suction cup easily.

The pole helps by fixing the suction cup to the bulb. The pole must be extended upwards for reaching the luminaire.

The suction cup should be placed on the bulb that helps in unwinding it.

Gently pull out the old light bulb and make sure to pull the string also for easy removal.

After removing the old bulb, on the suction cup place the new bulb.

Now make sure to place it in the upward direction for the downlights.

Twist and pull the string to let go of the suction.


Disposal of the old bulb is also important and requires to be done safely. Since light bulbs are highly fragile, flinging them in the dumpster carelessly can become dangerous. Broken bulb’s shards can cut someone.

To dispose of the old bulb is to wrap it around with the new bulb’s package or with a newspaper before throwing it away. Make sure to throw away the bulb in a place out of reach of children. If possible, recycle the bulb rather than throwing it away.

Final words of thought

Changing a light bulb might seem easy, but it is a delicate process with a variety of complications. There are high chances that the heat of the bulb can singe the hands, or they can shatter due to improper handling. Such issues can be avoided with a bulb changer tool. Also, the old age practice of using step ladders can be stopped since using the bulb changer tool is far more advantageous than the usual tools.

From the above article, it can be seen that learning to change a light bulb is not that hard. The main thing that is essential for changing light bulbs located in high places is a tool that is capable of aiding in the process.

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