General Guidelines To Follow Before Test on Body Fat Analyzer

Body Fat Analyzer

You would want to stay trim and fit. But, sometimes things might go out of hand. You might have gained weight before you even realized and might be aware that when you gain weight, you would be inviting health ailments like heart problems, knee pain, etc.

While weighing scale will give you a fair idea of your weight, you need to know about the fat content in your body to plan your diet and exercising routine to burn up the extra fat in your body. This can be done with a body fat analyzer.

Body Fat Analyzer

How does the body fat analyzer work?

The body fat analyzer machine works by sending tiny electronic impulses through your body. It focuses on the target areas. The fat content is determined depending on the time the impulses take travel through the body. The interpretation is as follows. The slower the impulses pass through your body, the greater the fat content. When the impulse moves faster, you will know that the fat content in your body is less. The fat analyzer is being used by fitness experts and health advisers to analyze the fat content in the body and develop plans to burn the excess fat. When you use a fat analyzer, you would be able to get a fair idea about the fat content with an accuracy of plus or minus 3.5%. But this is good enough to take corrective measures.

Body fat screening

Having discussed how the body fat analyzer works, it is also important to mention that there is no single method to measure body fat. This is because all the methods that you may use for assessment give only an estimate of fat in your body. They do not give measurements. There might be a need to use multiple methods to get valuable information. The combination of methods used include

  • Skin-fold method
  • Electrical impedance
  • Underwater weighing method
  • BIA test

And others. However, you have to go for body fat analysis because scientists and medical practitioners believe that excess fat in the body is more dangerous than excessive weight.

The guidelines to follow while using body fat analyzer

The guidelines you should follow to prepare yourself for body fat analyzer test includes

  • Stop eating or drinking even water 4 hours before testing. Drinking a lot of water just before the test will dilute the readings.
  • You should not engage in exercise within 12 hours of testing.
  • You should avoid taking alcohol at least 48 hours before testing. That is, you should not have taken alcohol for at least 2 days if you are going for testing.
  • You should avoid showering before the test.
  • You should avoid taking a large meal if you are going for the test. This is because the meal you take can fill your body with more mass. This would affect the reading.

The body fat index is a good indicator of your overall health condition. Your fitness or health professional would be able to guide you better when you have this report. You can then change the way you are living and embrace healthy habits.

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