Chief Executive Officer of Bahria Town – Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Biography

Chief Executive Officer of Bahria Town – Ali Riaz Malik

The topmost businessman and entrepreneur of Pakistan, Ali Riaz Malik, is the CEO of Bahria Town, the popular firm in the country that has created and developed many projects. Bahria town is one unique firm that Ali Riaz Malik developed with his skill and brilliance.

There is never an end to his journey. He has made stellar leaps in his career from a young age. He comes from the well-known family of real estate businessman Malik Riaz Hussain, but he has made a name of his own as a great businessman. His business acumen and knowledge are immense. He is interested in business, but that has not stopped him from performing many philanthropic works around the country.

He strongly believes in helping people with his heart and soul. Ali Riaz Malik Philanthropic’s welfare plans are about improving the lives of the poor in the country, which is the major goal of the businessman. His vision in life is to provide quality living for all. He wants the people of his country to live a comfortable life, so he is doing all he can to make them happy.

Ali Riaz Malik is a fitness enthusiast who exercises twice a day to stay fit and active. He believes in the importance of staying healthy and follow a balanced nutritional diet seven days a week. Being a businessman requires a lot of energy, so only by following a perfect health routine, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik can run successful business ventures and create new ideas for various projects. This is also one important attribute of the CEO that makes him successful.

Details About his Education and Profession:

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is the son of the great and successful real estate developer Malik Riaz Hussain. He came into this world in 1978 at Rawalpindi. At the start, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik was with his father, helping him in his vast real estate company. In his days working with his father, he also visited other countries where he looked at many high rise buildings and skyscrapers. He aspired to make his country progress like that and envisioned a great future. He finished his schooling from the renowned Beacon house in 1999, and after that, immediately, he joined his father in his real estate business. His father, Malik Riaz Hussain, stands seventh in the list of the richest person in the country. He is the chairman and founder of Bahria Town.

Although he is the son of the richest man, started the company from scratch. He first began his journey as the procurement manager in Bahria town in the department of sales and management. He slowly advanced in his career, little by little learning many things that helped in his career growth.

He then earned the occupation of the project manager in the year 2005 because of his hard work and dedication. His career took a huge leap when he got the chance to manage some of the large projects of the company. Lastly, he became the CEO of the company Bahria town PVT Ltd in the year 2007. He then later made the company the best by making it USD 1 billion Company. The company was firstly started from scratch and is now the largest firm through the hard work of Ahmed Ali Riaz.

The Excellent Projects :

The firm Bahria town under Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is a major contributor to many of the developmental projects. The biggest offering is “the first island city in Pakistan.” This is one of the dream projects which were started with the real estate businessman from United States Thomas Kramer in the year 2013. It is a landmark achievement along with the projects such as Bundle and Bodha Island at the Karachi city. These projects earned a great name for the firm and brought it to the center stage.

All the praise goes to Ahmed Ali Riaz Bahria Town, who, with his intelligence and management prowess, made the Bahria town to go forward with the biggest projects. Some of the projects such as Bin Alam city Islamabad, Bahria town Lahore, Bahria town Karachi, Bahria town Rawalpindi, Blue world city Islamabad, and many more are the well-known projects. More efforts are also made on building the largest masjid in Pakistan at Bahria town Karachi, which will also contain sports city, paradise precincts, and golf city. Now also, advancements in the Bahria town are taking place such as the building of large recreational parks and the amusement park. They are now a reality located in Bahria town Karachi. Bahria town tower is a state of the art building that is built for business purposes. It is Karachi’s first smart building with many wonderful spaces inside it. The amenities offered here are top-notch.

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